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View this presentation of the How the Eagle extends his life

General Sanchez before Congress describes Iraq
as "a nightmare with no end in sight".

I submit for approval to the American people and to the CONGRESS this new and comprehensive Foreign Policy plan for the "EAGLE NEST DOCTRINE & the new Mid East policy that I have named "OPERATION JERICHO - THE NEW "EAGLE NEST DOCTRINE."  The Bald Eagle must change or die.

  1. America will now remove our troops and herself from involvement with these kingdoms, dictatorships, oligarchies, governments, nations and their trade, affairs and their massive human rights abuses of millions of their own citizens. 
  2. WE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS will be PAID BACK for the over 800 BILLION DOLLARS spent trying to help Iraq.   We now acknowledge that no matter how great American Christian efforts of education toward democracy nor how many acts of  kindness or  how much billions of dollars in financial help we American give to the peoples of these lands, all we are doing is pouring these gifts down a "BOTTOMLESS PIT.  We now recognize now that any involvement with these nations and peoples is in fact the classic "TAR BABY" trap.   The more America has tried to help and save these people,  yet the more we try...the more "stuck to the tar baby we become".  We Americans have now learned the hard way that we can not help or save the followers of Islam:  no amount of our blood our hope our love or bucks.
  3. PAY YOUR BILL.  As America troops exit these countries, we will calculate the cost in US DOLLARS that we American Taxpayers have spent in the effort to "democratize and humanize these nations" an ITIMIZED BILL will be presented to each head of state and that bill will be paid.   Should any Nation refuse to pay their bill not have the cash to pay this "INVOICE", we will take it out in oil.   The rate of exchange shall be calculated on the exact same cost of fuel charged in Saudi Arabia $.45 cents per gallon.

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  1. All deployed COMBAT US FORCES in Afghanistan and Iraq shall immediately leave and operations end.   US forces shall be temporarily sent to Israel for R& R in the Holy Land.   Not only do our troops need a much deserved rest [ R & R ] but both peoples need to spend some "bonding time" with each other as we are "blood brothers" eternally welded as descendants thru Abraham and by our love and obedience to our God Jehovah and love of Jesus Christ as our savior.  It is very necessary that both US & Israel citizens gain a "greater understanding for each other's ways and cultures".  This understanding   will come by our spending time together in the field and in social interactions of our men and women inside Israel can only be a good thing and "bond the weld" that keeps us bound together for Good and for Love.   .  This R & R for our military will be good for both nations and the hearts of both people.  It is very important that US citizens and Israeli citizens become better friends.   It is important that US MILTAY dependents also be allowed to share in this education process and join their spouses and family members during the R & R.


    While we Americans are there we need to join with the Israeli people and REBUILD THE TEMPLE.     In 638 the Muslims sacked the city and burned the Temple to the ground.  It is time now to REBUILD IT.    It needs to be a high priority item and a Joint Venture between the Jews and the Christians.   The rebuilding of the Temple has been prophesied in the Bible and the time has come to do this.   

    You remember how after 911 the Muslims wanted to build a Mosque on the very dirt of the trade center.  Well that is what they do.  They burned down the Jewish Temple and built a Mosque too claim the ground…..much like an “in your face” act.  They have no use for that site they only wish to antagonize and spit in the face of the Jewish religion on God.  -----------------------------

  4.  Violation of this DOCTRINE will result in the elimination of such a threat- ZERO TOLERANCE Let the world be put on PUBLIC NOTICE that the United States and our Allies nor our citizens nor our commerce nor our human or civil rights will ever be interfered with by any NON-ALLINED nation or group or military team or army nor shall our defense or lives be threatened by anyone forevermore.  The United States nor it citizens nor our rights shall be inhibited or interfered with anywhere in the world.  The United States [alone with its allies] declares the DEVINE RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE and reserves the right to use ALL FORCE NECESSARY to defend itself, its citizens from any threat from any quarter.  IF THE USE OF AMERICAN MILITARY FORCE becomes necessary to implement this DOCTRINE all cost of the Military Action shall be calculated and upon the cessation  of our Military Operation the offending nation or country or group will be BILLED and the INVOICE shall be collected by our Military and returned to the US. TAXPAYERS.  

    *    [No more than any peace loving family could tolerate any next door neighbor  ...having a raging 2000 lbs bull in it back yard,   President John Kennedy would not allow Soviet Missiles inside Cuba within striking distance of the US nor ...."Will we NOW allow any missiles within striking range of our soil or within range of our allies"?   America can no longer tolerate such an Eminent DANGER to our Nation or our way of life or our existence.   There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

    American Tax Payers will no longer prop up foreign governments or officials with our hard earned tax dollars.   Americans who are homeless and job less need our help today-HERE AT HOME. AMERICANS can no longer afford to subsidize the world.     NOW......we are taking the advice of George Washington when he warned future generations of Americans.... "beware of foreign entanglements".   From today forward the citizens of each county must learn how to have their own revelation and  apply the principles that best will bring them their own success and happiness to their land.   All these trillions of dollars that we have spent has not only NOT increased our security but has had just the opposite effect to make enemies of most we aided.   Should any group or nation seek our guidance toward self-sufficiency the American people can individually decide through our humanitarian groups and agencies that they will help?


Israel is a great Nation.

Also remember that the Israelis have been FORCED to accept an "indefensible" Peace Plan with the so called Palestinians. This "peace plan" can only fail.  These so called" Palestinians" are demanding a "home land" …ok….let’s give them one near Mecca inside SAUDI ARABIA.  They will have their new home land and each person will be rich as each is entitled to part of the oil money. .All the oil money from the natural recourses of their new home land can be divided up and be paid directly to these people. The oil money will be divided up equally and not only will each Palestinian be home they will each be rich.             
TODAY inside the KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA we know the KING of Saudi Arabia now takes all our oil $money for his personal use and that of all his wives and his own family as the citizens  starve. Remember Ben Lade was a member of the "Royal Family". Our Problem begins in Saudi Arabia.  

Israel needs to re occupy the ORIGINAL lands as drawn by The UN in 1946; some of this land was given away by Churchill to the Arabs for GOD knows what? Whatever his motive was, that concept and contract was "breached" long ago.  Israel is a "sitting duck" for nukes as Iran has boasted  " we would gladly become a martyr nation if it could take out Israel in a nuclear exchange."   Israel needs to spread out their military in their homeland where they are not so easily destroyed by these missiles.

Also…Hezbollah is an arm of IRAN. Today, 17 months after the Israeli war, Hezbollah's missile arsenal is as deadly as ever, Hezbollah is more popular in Lebanon (and in the Middle East) than it was before the war, and Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, feels confident enough to peek out for a cameo during a recent Ashura commemoration to taunt Israel, quite graphically, about various body parts of Israeli soldiers in Hezbollah's possession. They are ghouls.

Decide- that we Americans can pass this MID-EAST problem on to our children or one more generation if we want to? This mess must be fixed NOW.  Do we fix it? You chose?

Think on this......... Star Locke



The US MILITARY is past due for some major changes.  I have listed my proposed changes ....

The size of the Military needs to be at 20 million active duty military.  

OBAMA has gutted the Military into  DANGER ZONE.   Americans are now SHOCKED to find out that our Army Bases now dont have any Military Police !  They now hire civilians "rent a cop"... and call them "Security Forces" .  YOU BELIEVE that?   Our ARMY     without a Military Police Force.?   Call Ft Sam Houston and ask for the M.P.s   You will find out they do NOT exist any more!   The few remaining PMs at Ft Hood told me they just got back from FT Poke and there are ZERO MP3 there.    That is pure insanity.   The MP's have a very large role in our military and these jobs  CAN NOT BE DONE by Civilians.   Oh...and if you try to call Ft Sam....dont ask for the Commanding Generals office.  What you will get ........is one of the hated answering machines.....you know..same as if you try to reach your cell phone or a bank.   Now you hear:  "Your choices have now changed.  Press one to reach the Chaplin. Press 2 to reach the bowling alley. Press 23 to reach the grounds keepers.....Press 55 to reach.....etc !    OUTRAGEOUS !     NO MORE NUMBERS PRESS THIS OR THAT !!   All these machines shall be destroyed and a living human MILITARY PERSON SHALL ANSWER EACH PHONE BY THE 4TH RING..... AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN.  

Under this act the following changes will be enacted:

  1. All active duty Military and retired military will now come under the same retirement program that the US Congress has chosen for themselves.

Realizing just how much we are loved by these professional politicians we want the same Retirement benefits as they gave themselves.

  1. The Veterans Administration and all its facilities and all its resources shall now come under the direct command of the United States Army. The United States Army will take charge of all issues dealing of all medical, retirement, counseling, training, rehabilitation of all Veterans affairs of the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard from this day forward.
  2. Whereas we military personnel are "all one giant family",  we take our families unit very serious.    Realize that any day we may loose a member to death while in the service of this Nation.  THEREFORE husband and wife shall be declared one indestructible unit.  If one member survives then the unit survives and is entitled to all pay and benefits of the unit as a whole.  The Military Family Unit is indestructible and its pay and benefits shall not be diminished by death.
  3. Military Personnel active, retired, or dependents, and Family Units of the Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces under this act shall not pay tax on tax on pay or benefits. 
  5. All veterans or retired military or members of a Military Family Unit or dependents shall have the right to show up at any US Military base and request barrack housing, access to a chow hall and help to acquire a job.  The jobs may include work with CIVIL AFFAIRS DIVISION to improve & rebuild our inner cities &  ghettos.  No veteran shall ever be refused entrance or accommodations and all medical from Military Hospitals and Doctors and counseling at no cost.  Veterans shall be received with open arms upon request at all Military bases.  Medical, counseling, rehab, training, shall be provided under the Command of the commanding officer.  Should a veteran be homeless or ill and/or unable to make it to the gate of a Military Base upon receipt of a phone call transportation shall be arranged to the base for the Veteran by the Active Duty Military.   The needs of the individual needs shall be meet by the Commanding Officer.

"If it is right at the bottom then it is right at the top"
General of the Army Douglas Mac Arthur

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